Kiran Gandhi x Joshua Davis x OFFF 2016 BCN

Kiran Gandhi x Joshua Davis x OFFF Barcelona A six month secret project incubated inside the Sub Rosa lab performed live at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona Spain. This 40 min rendering is from 27 unique, real-time, audio reactive systems to drive algorithmic animations. Each of the 27 animation systems we're cue'd at key points in a 40 min track, with some new original music by Madame Gandhi, pre-mixed by Kiran and Alexia Riner. On stage, Kiran live drummed on top of the mix in addition to using OSC (Open Sound Control) to have her percussive hits change variables in the animation system. I also had a base set of variables that I could trigger via OSC that further controlled different aspects of the animation overall. Despite their being 27 cue'd animation aesthetics... the interaction between the both of our inputs creates a unique 40 min Audio / Visual experience... to play this performance again would re-generate a new 40 min experience. WARNING / contains Strobe and Flashing Lights / will melt brain and eyeballs tech : Processing + HYPE framework + GLSL shaders + OSC + Minim / FFT + SVG

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